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A Simple Guide Set of Three

This set of three includes A Simple Guide to the Book of Revelation, A Simple Guide to Paul's Epistles, and A Simple Guide to the Book of Isaiah. Buy the set or purchase individually below.

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A Simple Guide to Revelation

Hardcover, 534 pgs
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A Simple Guide to the Book of Revelation
Foreword by Jon Paulien

Have you ever heard that Revelation is a sealed book?

Have you struggled to understand the symbols and plot of the story?

Have ever wished for and informal verse-by-verse guide that walks you through Revelation from start to finish?

If so, then this book might be what you're looking for. With thoughtful investigation, diligent study, and knowledge of the Bible as a whole, the book of Revelation can be understood. This guide will lead you verse by verse and phrase by phrase through the entire book, using the Bible as its own interpreter.

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Hardcover, 260 pgs
Regularly $16.99


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A Simple Guide to the Book of Isaiah:
How Isaiah Enlightens Our Understanding of End Times

Do the writings of the Old Testament prophets seem unrelated to modern life?

Would you read them more carefully if you recognized how they still speak even today?

Learn how Old Testament prophecy informs us about earth's last days!

The Old Testament is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the book of Revelation. The better you understand books like Isaiah the better equipped you are to understand Bible prophecy. With this end in mind, the author, Pastor Jeff Scoggins, has studied the book of Isaiah verse by verse in an attempt to identify allusions that the apostle John may have intended in the book of Revelation. You will need a Bible, maybe two of them, to use this resource most effectively. The book can be used in small group study and thought questions are asked at the end of each chapter.

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A Simple Guide to Pauls Epistles

Hardcover, 409 pgs
Regularly $22.99

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A Simple Guide to Paul's Epistles

Do the writings of the Apostle Paul ever cause you to scratch your head?

Do you ever hear people explain Paul’s theology in a way that doesn’t fit with the rest of Scripture?

And have you ever wished for an informal verse-by-verse guide that walks you through Paul’s epistles from start to finish?

If so, then keep this book handy whenever you read the New Testament to find a clear explanation. Or you might read through it as a devotional alongside your Bible.

Few Bible writers have influenced Christian beliefs more than the Apostle Paul. Listen as God’s voice speaks through these timeless letters.

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You Can Understand the book of

Softcover, 192 pgs
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You Can Understand the Book of Revelation:
A Clear Guide to Interpreting Prophecy

Some Christians say Revelation is a closed book and not meant for human understanding. Actually, the word revelation means “unveiling,” and the first chapter of Revelation promises a blessing to all who read and take it to heart.

Other readers study Revelation over and over but end up confused about all the beasts, scrolls, trumpets, and angels. The truth is that Revelation is the story of Jesus Christ from beginning to end, and we need to understand the plot of that story before sorting out the details.

A few preachers even use the newspaper to interpret Revelation, equating each symbol with a specific event in yesterday’s news. Actually, Revelation is best interpreted using the Bible itself. You can learn to understand prophecy for yourself—all you need is a safe method of Bible study and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Once you grasp the basic method, we’ll use those tools to walk through the central portion of Revelation, which deals with earth’s final crisis just before the second coming of Jesus. You may have to re-think everything you thought you knew about interpreting prophecy, but you’ll know that you stand on the firm footing of God’s word. Open your Bible and join us for the journey.  

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"Delightful and well-written. I wish everyone writing on Revelation was as thoughtful and clear. You even improved on my ideas at a number of points. Nice job!"  Jon Paulien, Dean, Loma Linda University School of Religion